Lash Salon Reopening Must Haves

With the news that the UK’s beauty industry is reopening next week, it’s time to get prepared. The lack of eyelashes over the past month will mean your clients are going to be fighting for an appointment in your December Diary, so we want to make sure you’re ready for that Christmas rush, because there’s nothing worse than running out of lashes half way through an appointment, right?

The high volume of appointment requests coming out of the lockdown and the unfortunate lack of income through this time for lash artists, means you will want to be taking on as many clients as possible and will need to find a way to fit as many treatments in a day as possible. So eyelash extension products that will speed up your time per set are important now more than ever!

  • Premade fans - if you’ve been sceptical about trying pre mades before now, this is the perfect time to step up and give it a go. Pre made fans will significantly cut the time of your appointments, as you won’t need to hand make fans along the way, you will 400 mega volume fans ready for you to go. It’s the festive season and your clientele will be looking for drama, so lots of mega volume lash sets are going to be on the cards. Where a mega volume lash extensions might usually take up to 4 hours, with pre made fans you can complete the same set in 2 hours or less. Learn the Dos & Don'ts of Pre Made Fans over on our YouTube channel.
  • Flawless Volumizer - our Flawless Volumizer is a revelation for keeping those Russian volume fans open. Applying a small amount 1-2mm from the bottom of the lash line on the strip, will help keep volume fans open as well preventing eyelash adhesive from travelling up the eyelash extension. Our Volumizer can be used in all humidities that cause a slower lash glue drying time, which can be a real challenge when trying to complete sets quickly. It is your go-to product to increase the amount of appointment slots you have available for clients 
  • Lash Adhesive - Ever run out of glue mid-appointment? If you have, you’ll understand the pain. With lots of Black Friday deals out there right now, stocking up is the smartest thing to do. Even if you feel you have enough, you never want to get caught out. If you don’t open your glue, keep it in a safe & dry place or even in a lash container or vacuum sealed, you will be able to use whenever you’re ready. Remember to check the product description of the glues you buy to be sure it suits your humidity. A glue that was not designed with your climate in mind will mean drying times will be negatively effected. Learn how to make the most of your lash adhesive by shaking correctly.
  • Glue accelerator - If you are in a low humidity / temperature climate and no matter what you do, you have struggled to increase the drying time of your lash adhesives, then glue accelerator is for you! The glue accelerator will speed up the drying process without causing shock polymerisation, this is when your eyelash adhesive has been overexposed to moisture causes the adhesive can turn white and you won’t be able to achieve the desired dark lash line look.
  • Foam cleanser - we know the last month has been difficult, so when you’re back in the salon you want make sure you’re maximising your income from each client. Stocking up on after care products to offer after each appointment will help clients keep their lashes between appointments so your job is easier when the time comes for their infill and you are increasing sales per treatment. 
  • Brow Sculpt - if brow lamination is part of your services, Brow Sculpt is a great product to stock up on during Black Friday deals in preparation to reopen next week. Clients will want to keep that ‘just brushed’ look in-between brow lamination appointments and with Brow Sculpt they can achieve that. Containing aloe vera and castor oil, the Brow Sculpt formula actually nourishes brows, as opposed to harsher products such as brow soaps. The use of castor oil also gives the added benefit of encouraging natural brow hair growth. Learn how to create the Flawless eye look with our make up tutorial over on YouTube.
  • Instant Cure - our miracle formula does exactly what it says on the bottle, instantly cures! Instant Cure will considerably reduce irritation for your clients after treatment, meaning the process will be a lot more comfortable for everyone. Eyelash extension retention will increase by up to 30% after using Instant Cure, meaning less time will be needed during infill appointments because more extensions will remain. With instantly cured lashes there’s no need to wait around, appointments will be quicker and your clients will no longer need to wait 24 hours to wet their lashes as they have done previously. Learn how to use Instant Cure in our latest YouTube video.

From the Flawless Team, we want to wish anybody reopening next week, the best of luck! This month has been hard but we made it. We’ll be back doing what we do best and making the most of it too.

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