What lash shield size to use for lash lift treatment?

Welcome to our guide on choosing the perfect lash shield size for your lash lift treatment or known as LVL lashes treatment. As a professional in the beauty industry, you know that the tools you use are just as important as the techniques you employ. This is especially true when it comes to lash lift treatments, where the right tools can make all the difference in achieving the desired results.

Among the most important tools for a lash lift treatment are the new silicone lash lift shields by Flawless Lashes, which are used to lift, laminate and feed with vitamins the natural lashes. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in the lash lift industry, we hope that this guide will be a helpful resource for you.

What are lash lift shields?

Lash shields, also known as lash lift rods, are a type of tool used in the Lash Lift treatment, which is a semi-permanent lash treatment that curls, thickens, strengthens and lifts the natural eyelashes. Lash lift shields/rods are the main tools, without them, you can't achieve lash lift or lamination results.

The role of lash shields in a lash lift treatment is to provide a base for the lashes to be lifted and shaped on. Flawless new lash lift shields are made of a flexible and durable material, such as silicone, and come in various sizes to accommodate different eye and lash shapes.

The shields are placed on the eyelid, close to the lash line, and the lashes are then combed through the opening of the shield so that they are held in the desired position during the treatment.

The new and trending lash lamination treatment is the lamination of lower lashes, which is a relatively new but rapidly growing treatment option.

Which shields to use for lash lift

Lash lift shields are an important tool in achieving the desired result in a lash lift treatment. When choosing lash shields, it is important to consider the material and shape of the shield, as well as the available sizes. When selecting lash shields, it is important to choose a product that will allow for the desired look, whether it be natural or dramatic, and that is comfortable for the client.

Flawless Lashes by Loreta offers these new-generation silicone lash lift shields in a pack of 7 pairs, which includes 4 different sizes for the upper lashes and 3 different sizes for the lower lashes. They also offer single-length shields for upper or lower lashes. Additionally, these shields can also be used as lash lift rods or lash lamination shields and rods. Lower lashes shields can be used to secure lashes on the upper shields while lotions are applied to the lashes. These shields make the lifting/lamination process more enjoyable.

Choosing the perfect lash shield size

S and SS are flatter and lift from the root, making them suitable for short Asian eyelashes that grow down.

Additionally, S and SS curl shapes help create a more natural look for those with shorter lashes, as they lift the lashes from the roots and give them a subtle boost.

M and L are the most common sizes and are suitable for most lash lift treatments. They are designed to provide a balanced lift for lashes of medium to long length.

They create a noticeable improvement in the appearance of lashes, adding length, volume and definition to the eyes. M and L curl sizes are a great choice to enhance the natural beauty of your lashes and give them a more defined look.

XL is the most rounded and can be used for longer lashes, but it may not provide enough curl. The most rounded shape of the XL Lash Shield can make it difficult to apply evenly, which can lead to a gentle curl.

How to correctly lift eyelashes on the silicone shield

Discover the secrets on how to correctly lift eyelashes on a silicone shield. This guide will walk you through the steps to ensure a safe, effective, and long-lasting lash lift.

  1. When lashes are growing down, creating a sad-eyed appearance, use the thinner end of the shield on the outer corner to create a stronger lift, specifically a "D curl" on the outer lashes.
  2. For clients with really long lashes who want a stronger curl, use an M or sometimes for extreme look you can use size S rod but avoid sticking the ends of the lashes, instead, not necessarily to glue the tips of the natural lashes.
  3. Additionally, if the person has a deep-set or hooded eyelid, the rod size should be chosen based not only on the length of the lashes but also on the shape of the eyelid, using a more rounded shape will work better.

Tips for selecting the right lash shields

We will take a closer look at the main criteria that should be considered when selecting the right lash shields for your clients. From understanding the different sizes available to the shape of the eyelid, we will explore the key factors that will help you make the right choice for your clients.

  1. For beginners, using rods with grooves can be a massive help in getting the right direction of natural lashes, symmetry and tension. Our lash lift rods are made of soft silicone which makes attachment to the eyelid easy and comfortable, while lifting the lashes from the root.
  2. Our silicone pink shields or rods without grooves are suitable for all levels of artists and all clients who prefer a more dramatic curl due to their more curved shape.
  3. Our new silicone lash lift shields are best for their softer material, which gives artists an opportunity to provide a more natural-looking lash lamination.


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