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Brow Lamination Starter Kit

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Brow lamination is the brow trend that is no longer a trend, but fast becoming a classic style statement.

Fuller, defined brows can be achieved for almost anyone with a brow lamination treatment.

Our complete kit comes with all the products and tools that you need to carry out beautiful brow lamination treatments for your clients. And it’s like getting two for the price of one, as our system allows you to use the same lotions for both our brow lamination AND lash lift systems.

The Flawless Lashes by Loreta Brow Lamination system keeps brows soft and gentle unlike others, so you need nothing else to remedy or replenish dried out and crisp brows.

Teach brow lamination or lash lift? This is the perfect ready-made student kit built for convenience for lash and brow trainers that teach these disciplines.

Want to learn the Flawless Lashes way? Take one of our e-learning courses

Clients have questions? Check out our beautifully designed aftercare cards that will take care of all of your clients common questions.

Please note:

Manual not included

While Lash Plump is an optional and beneficial step to nourish the brows and keep them supple and strong, only the essential items are included in the starter kit.

Save 15% vs. buying the products individually!

Flawless Brow lamination Starter Kit content: 

Product Price
Packaging  £4.99
Flawless Lash Lift Lotion No.1  £30.99
Flawless Lash Lift Lotion No.2  £30.99
Flawless Lash Lift Lotion No.3  £35.50
Lash and Brow Tint Brow 5ml   £9.89
Oxidant Liquid  3% (100ml)  £9.99  
Lash Lifting Tool  £14.50
Lash Lift Brush (1 pcs)   £1.70
Lash Lift Comb (1 pcs)  £1.50
Lash Separating brush (1 pcs)  £0.70
Crystal Glue Plate  £7.30

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