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So you’ve mastered working with our slower-drying Jet Set Adhesive but now you’ve levelled-up your lashing skills and are ready for a glue that’s a bit faster drying?

Jet Set Pro adhesive could be your new perfect partner. Due to its thinner consistency, it dries very fast - ideal for the experienced lash artist that doesn’t want to sit around and wait while adhesive dries.

    Key info:

    Lash artist experience Master/Advanced
    Drying time 0.5-1s
    Strength Very strong
    Room humidity 50-70%
    Room temperature 20-22°C
    Viscosity Medium
    Colour Black
    Size 5ml
    Packaging Sealed foil pouch
    Main ingredient Cyanoacrylates

    Click here to Download MSDS

    Jet Set Pro Lash Glue is best suited to higher humidity room conditions, making it the perfect lash extension glue for UK lash artists. However, it’s a very versatile adhesive, meaning you can control how quickly it cures by controlling the amount of product you use so it’s adaptable to different room conditions.

    If humidity is lower it will dry more slowly, so if you don’t want to wait longer, simply use a little less glue for a faster drying time, and vice versa.

    Working somewhere with consistently low humidity? Try Fame Lash Adhesive instead.

    Drying speed guide

    Humidity Temperature Drying time
    40% 20° Slow
    40-50 20-22 Medium
    50-70 20-22 Fast
    70+ 22 Extremely Fast

    Lash glue tips
    Remember, exposure to moisture makes lash glue dry more quickly. High humidity means there is more moisture in the air, so the higher the humidity, the faster the glue will dry. And of course, if you apply lashes where the glue has already started to dry before they’re in position, you’ll have bad retention - and unhappy clients! Here’s hope to get it right:

    • Use a hygrometer to monitor the humidity and temperature of the room throughout the day
    • Choose your adhesive to suit the room conditions and your working speed
    • You can control the humidity by using a dehumidifier if the humidity is high, and a humidifier if too low
    • Shake the glue bottle thoroughly before use - shake for one minute using a glue pin with the bottle turned upside down
    • Replace your adhesives every month if you are a busy lash artist. Every time you open the bottle, you expose the product to air and moisture, which affects the performance of the glue over time
    • Be aware that the surface you drop your glue onto can make a difference too as some are more absorbent than others (ie. glue ring, micropore tape, glue sticker).
    • Replace the glue drop every 15 - 20 minutes or whenever it becomes tacky - the higher the humidity the more frequently you’ll have to change it
    • Don’t squeeze the glue out as this pulls more air into the bottle - let gravity do its thing
    • Try Instant Cure to improve retention by up to 30% and minimise allergies and sensitivities
    • When doing Russian volume eyelash extensions, vary the amount of glue you pick up depending on the thickness of your lashes. Thinner lashes need less glue. If you use too much, your fans may close. Volumiser can help keep your fans open.

    How to store

    If you don’t store your eyelash adhesive bottle correctly, performance and retention can be negatively affected.

    • Once opened, store in a cool, dry room (19 degrees is ideal)
    • Never refrigerate as condensation can form inside the bottle
    • Keep glue bottle tightly closed and in an upright position
    • Wipe nozzle after each use with a lint-free wipe
    • Store in original foil pouch or in an airtight lash glue container
    • Shelf life is 8 - 12 weeks(unopened)- recommended by lash artists, manufacturers info- 6months maximum
    • Dispose of adhesive after 4 weeks of opening (based on styling 4-6 clients per day)
    • See bottom of bottle for manufacture and expiry dates

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