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Our new Microfoam Eye Patches are sticky and secure, meaning they won’t budge an inch - they won’t wrinkle or slide away. These super-efficient under-eye foam pads are made from hypoallergenic microfoam tape, and with no gels or perfumes, they’re perfect to use on clients with sensitive skin.

Expertly designed to suit any eye shape, the cleverly curved eye patches taper in at the inner corner of the eye, then open out toward the outer corner of the eye. The seamless fit ensures even the smallest lashes are secured, making for easier lash application, while the soft white shade is ideal for marking on your lash mapping lines.

Key info

  • Pack of 5, 20, 50 pairs
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Gel-free
  • Perfume-free
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Easy to reposition whilst retaining stickiness 

How to use 

  1. Ask your client to look straight ahead and then place the patch half a millimetre from the waterline. 
  2. Next, simply fix it to the under-eye area. Ask your client to slowly close their eyes so their lashes rest neatly on the patches. 
  3. Double-check with the client that everything feels comfortable. 
  4. When you’ve got the go-ahead, you’re ready to start your eyelash extension treatment!
  5. To remove, gently peel the patch away. If your client has dry and sensitive skin, check whether it’s uncomfortable with them first. If so, use a wet microbrush to go lightly under the eye patch so as not to cause any discomfort.

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