How on earth are those extensions made?

September 21, 2017 1 Comment

How on earth are those extensions made?

We often have comments from our customers, clients or just people who come visit our office about how extremely soft our lashes are. We find people daydreaming while petting the lashes in the tray as you might do while petting an angora cat. Could it have the same stress relief effect without the risk allergic reaction? I don't know about that. I guess you have to try and find out for yourself (for that I strongly recommend using a lash tray, petting someone's lash extensions could freak them out a little).

Of course the lashes themselves won't give you any allergic reaction as they are made of PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) although other products used during the treatment might (you can read our blog about allergies here). So feel free to pet the lash extension trays to your heart's content.


But seriously, what is PBT? 

PBT is a sort of plastic which is known for its resistance to high heat, its work-ability and for its durable quality. In fact, it is so good that it is used (among other things) for making toothbrushes, key-caps from high end computer keyboards and even swimwear as it resist chlorine!!!

So as you can see, PBT is very versatile and can either be soft or hard but stay strong and durable. It comes with no surprises that it is the most appropriate material for making strong but flexible and natural looking lash extensions. Please note that we wouldn't advise you to swap lash extension for toothbrush bristles.



So how are the lashes done then? Keyboard shavings? Our manufacturer uses the best quality Korean PBT fibers available on the market. The fibers of the selected diameter and length are placed in line then curled using a pipe to roll them. The fibers then go in the oven at high temperature to fix the curl. As other plastics might melt or break under the heat, PBT fibers mould and retain the shape. Once the lashes have cooled, they can be placed on each individual Flawless Lashes trays.


Starting with the best quality materials is just not enough. The process, though simple, is time consuming and require a huge attention to details and a lot of human interventions. Quality checks are made at each stage of the process to get rid of the wonky, wavy, snapped extensions and make sure that our customers get the best. The production can take up to 8 weeks!!! Even though baking a chocolate cake is much quicker, the anticipation can sometimes be as unbearable as we want those lashes asap (and so do you)!


The result is there...

So the combination of amazing material and high end technology makes our lashes some of the softest and strongest on the market. On top of that, they come in a wide variety of curls, weights and even colours! We even bring new additions regularly so you can try different styles (such as D+, L+, Rapid lashes, Chroma lashes, 0.03 Mega Volume ...). If you haven't tried them yet, it's never too late to invite some of that softness to your salon!

 PS: our products are not animal tested. We love our pets happy and healthy, thank you.

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Louise Tierney
Louise Tierney

July 13, 2018

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