How to Attract High End Customers as a Lash Artist

When it comes to selling yourself as a luxury lash artist, the devil is in the details! Luxury customers are going to be looking for a lash technician that has been trained by the best of the best and aligns themselves with a reputable lash brand. It’s these qualities that will keep your clientele coming back time and time again. 

Luxury customers do their research, they want to be sure that they are getting star service! So you will need to be ready to answer as many questions as possible to put their mind at ease. Quality supplies are important when you are looking to attract high end customers, so using a trusted luxury brand for your salon is important. You find more advice about how to choose the lash brand for you on our blog

No high end client is going to recommend you to their friends when the lashes you have applied look cheap or if the glue you have used has resulted in bad retention. You see, when is comes to high end clients, recommendations and positive reviews via word of mouth are vital when first entering that audience.

If you’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy into your business, you want to make sure you are charging luxury prices for your services. Whether you have upgraded your kit, salon or training, we believe you should be rewarded for putting the time and effort into your lash business, with well paying customers. So, today we are bringing you advice from two of our Flawless trainers, on how to ensure you are attracting that high end clientele you’ve been searching for and more importantly, how to keep them!



Sady, Lash Artist and Founder of Sadysfaction


In my area of Germany there is now a lot of price dumping in the eyelash extensions market. I am very sad about that, because this treatment takes a lot of time and precision. A perfect new volume Lash treatment takes around 2.5 - 3 hours or even longer, if you are following all the rules . 

I am a perfectionist and always give the best I can to make my clients happy. That’s why I wanted to offer the best lashes in town, but I also want to be well paid for this extra service. 

The lash retention is always very good and word has spread, which now means I am no long able to take on new clients. I prefer to have less clients so I can ensure I offer them the best quality and take my time with each client. My prices are higher than your average lash tech but I worked hard for it and was trained by the best trainers around the world. 

If you invest in yourself and become better, of course you should raise your prices!

To attract high end customers you have to offer a high end services. 

It’s that simple! You want to make sure you have the best quality to stand out from the average lash artist. 

There are in fact many people who are searching for this special treatment and are willing to pay more to have the best quality that money can buy.

Advertise your service with a focus on your uniqueness and talent. 

My secret is confidence! You want to display that you have the confidence in your ability to meet the needs of luxury clients. Always advertise your brand with the expertise, quality and perfect technique at the forefront. 

It is important to build a vision of your target audience. 

What type of service they expect from you and what do they care about? What makes it so special to book an appointment with you? Then you can plan the best strategy for advertising to that level of clientele.

Luxury clients are always looking after new trends and the latest developments.

Try to be always up to date and outstanding. Keep an eye on Instagram, Pinterest, lash blogs and beauty publications so you are always in the loop.

They want to enjoy the treatment and feel special after getting the best lashes exactly to their desired specifications, while keeping eye health in mind.

Expensive clients come to their appointments expecting to pay more for the service. 

Low prices equates with low quality and lesser results. They associate high price with high value and exclusivity. Instead of mass production, you want then know they are receiving a unique treatment. 

Don’t ever offer huge discounts every other month on your services! Have you ever seen Louis Vuitton or Ferrari advertise sales on their site? They build their brand to with luxury in mind and they sell their products automatically, never with a discount.The customers will pay the higher price because they know they will consistently receive the best quality from these brands.

Instead of sales, we recommend working with popular high end influencers to build your brands image and attract more of those clients. This way you will be reaching your desired audience and will not be giving the impression of reducing your prices.

Positive feedback is key to winning over luxury clients. 

Make sure to share those glowing reviews on your website, Instagram and a third party service, such as TrustPilot or TripAdvisor to validate their authenticity. Posting high quality pictures and videos on your website or social media will also help to attract high quality clientele. If this means hiring a photographer for the day or learning how to edit your photos, it is a small price to pay to get great images of your work and appeal to luxury clients. When it comes to sharing on social media as lash business, it’s important to keep in mind to be professional and stay classy -always.

It’s all in the small details to gain a big advantage when attracting those expensive clients. 

I hope I could give you good advice to attract your desired audience and wish you all the best success in your flourishing career.


Sady uses Flawless Chocolate Brown lashes



Sinnaid, Lash Artist and Distributor of Flawless Lashes by Loreta Mexico


Make time for consultations.

We know that being a lash artist with a full schedule is hard work, and that sometimes we don't have the time to go that extra mile and make consultations, and to get to know our client a little better, but it is our obligation to offer them the best possible service, because you can even double your income by investing a little more time. What?!!

For example, if your next client scheduled an appointment for a set of classics, but you notice that they have very unrealistic expectations, you can offer them a Russian Volume set instead, it is your opportunity to show them why the Russian volume set is better suited to what they’re looking for and can accommodate their daily routine. This will increase your income instantly, it is just a matter of taking the time and being able to show everything you can do.

The consultation goes very unnoticed, because almost nobody has 10 or 15 minutes spare to spend talking to the client, we are too worried about the next appointment, but it is so important that you realise the client in front of you right now should be the priority, and by giving away those 15 more minutes to listen to them you can generate more money and that higher quality service they are expecting. This will make them more likely to recommend you to their closest friends.

Listen to your clients and what techniques they want.

Leaving aside the issues of service and entering the issue of technique, we know that the classic technique is probably the go to lash treatment, because it is cheaper and faster, but this industry is no longer what it was 5 years ago ,when we were allowed to apply 0.20 (OMG! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?). The classic technique has now become more natural, and often luxury clients are looking for something natural but noticeable.

If you have many clients asking for this look, we recommend using our Flat eyelashes. They are as soft and light as you could wish for and will help preserve the health of your client's natural lashes, while still providing a flawless end result. It is so important to use very high quality products, as you don’t want flat eyelashes that look so plastic and false that they could be compared to a doll’s eyelashes. High end clients expect high end products.

But thanks to the fact that the industry has advanced so much, we can now find healthy options that are still useful and beautiful at the same time. We promise that your client will look ten times better.

Don't be afraid to try new products that may offer your customer some alternatives. 

For a long time we rejected pre-made fans, but they have become so popular and useful that every time we get new stock, they sell out almost instantly. The pre-made volume fans will save your life if you have a very tight schedule, and making a handmade Russian volume set will take you more than 3 hours. With pre-made fans you can create flawless sets of lashes, saving you a good amount of money, while having more quality time to offer to your clients.

Make sure to go above and beyond.

During these difficult times, try to offer more to your clientele, go above and beyond to make them feel special and genuinely as though having a treatment with you is the best thing that has ever happened to them. 

There are so many places they could go, with new lash salons popping up everyday and they have chosen to go with you. It may be because of your incredible work, your professionalism or anything else, but what they will always remember is how you treated them, so do your best to always offer quality services, with extra time and a great quality treatment.



Sinnaid uses Flawless 0.07 D Curl Lashes

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