What is a Lash Lift (LVL, Lash Lamination & More) Full Guide

Would you like to cut short the time you spend on beautifying yourself every day? All that effort you put in to get your lashes looking like a superstar. The solution may be a lash lift, this is also known as LVL lashes or lash lamination.

Before we go any further though, you’re probably wondering what on earth LVL even stands for, let alone if it’s an effective way to get your eyelashes look as stunning as you want.

Let’s get started with asking exactly what are LVL lashes?

What Does LVL Lashes Stand For?

The LVL in LVL lashes is quite obvious, if you think about it. Length, volume and, you’ve guessed it, lift. You’ve probably seen at least one of those words on most mascaras out there. We say at least one, because there are not many products that would claim to do all three – that is, lengthen, volumize and lift your eyelashes.

If anything, even remotely like that existed, it would always be sold out before it was finished being stacked on the shelves. Even if a mascara has yet to be devised that offers all three capabilities, there is an efficient alternative in the form of an LVL lash lift, which is also referred to as LVL lashes by some people.

So, What Are LVL Lashes?

The LVL lash lift or LVL lashes are a special cosmetic treatment that basically is a combination of a tint and treatment for your eyelashes. It starts with a specially formulated lotion being applied to your eyelashes, with the technician applying it from the root up few mm, giving them a sophisticated curl.

The next part of the process involves your eyelashes being tinted.

What Length Of Time Does An LVL Lashes Lift Take To Be Completed?

Generally, treatments can take around 60 minutes or longer, with a lot of the time spent waiting on the dye and lotion developing properly. As your eyes will be closed for the whole time, it is not uncommon for you to fall asleep.

What’s the difference between an LVL Lash Lift and a Flawless Lash Lift

The lash lift process is usually quite similar across all brands, but some offer a slight variation to this process. Flawless offer a lash plump with the process. This nourishes the natural lashes leaving them more voluminous, stronger and shinier. This can be applied after Lotion No1 (see below), when the hair cuticle is fully open allowing ultra nourishing ingredients to be absorbed effectively or or after tint. Processing times can be slightly different. Flawless Lash lift very gentle formula, its not a Perm!

LVL lash lifts is a treatment that includes both an eyelash perm and an eyelash tint treatment, enabling you to enhance your natural lashes.

Does The Process Hurt At All?

The lash lift process does not hurt at all. It is possible that you may feel a little discomfort, or irritation. If that happens, just tell the technician working on your lashes.

How Long Do They Last For?

One of the most crucial questions you probably have is how long the effects of a lash lift lasts. Well, as with anything, it really depends on how well you take care of them. If you follow the instructions provided to you by your technician, they may last as long as 6 to 8 weeks or depends how quick your lashes grow.

Flawless By Loreta Lash Lift Products

Flawless by Loreta have their very own Flawless Lash Lift range of products. These are only available for professional eyelash technicians and can help make the process of achieving LVL lashes a lot easier. One of the major benefits of these products is that they are made from completely natural ingredients.

They include:

  • Glue – This adhesive is water-soluble and used to stick lashes onto the included lift rod made from silicone, and then the rod is applied to your eyelid before you begin.
  • Lotion One – This is the first part of the process. This particular lotion is used to coat 1 to 2mm of the lashes from roots upwards just a 1-2mm. This lotion opens hair cuticles and prepares for lotion 2 to work.
  • Lotion Two – This is added after Lotion one and helps with shaping your lashes.
  • Lotion Three – This is the third step and this lotion is used to cover the eyelashes with either a 2 in1 or micro brush while they are still attached or when the rods are taken away.
  • Lash Plump called many other names, lash botox, lash filler,.. - feeds natural lash with vitamins, halyuronic acid, castar oil.
  • Lift Tool – This tool is perfect for ensuring seamless lash separation and lifting
  • Lift Rods – As noted above, these are rods made from silicone that are designed to comfortably fit on your eyelids and are used with the glue to comb your lashes into the shape you desire.

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