The Best Makeup For Your Eye Shape

August 12, 2019

The Best Makeup For Your Eye Shape

Maybe you’ve used the same approach for many years. However, did you know you could achieve a more stunning and look by switching your eye makeup game to better suit your eye shape?

A dress or pair of jeans designed with your body shape in mind will emphasise your assets better. It’s the same with makeup, you need to choose makeup for your eye shape. While we’re not arguing with your skills or abilities to apply and layer eye shadow and liner for your preferred looks, we are going to suggest tips for really focusing on your eye shape to make your peepers shine more than ever.

So, to help take your makeup game to the next level, we’ll discuss the different eye shape types and the best techniques to use with each.

What Eye Shape Do You Have?

You probably know whether you have a spoon, apple or pear body shape or if it is closer to the hourglass shape. This helps you make the best clothing choices. What about your eyes though? Below we’ve categorised the most common types of eye shape to help you find yours, before we discuss the best techniques for each.

Hooded – the skin from your brow bone sags enough to cover over the normal crease you often see around the eyes with other eye shapes.

Monolid – Monolid eyes do not have that crease and instead have a smoother look as striking as it is stunning.

Downturned – The corners of the upper eyelids turn and drop down to give the appearance those eyelids are bigger than your lower lids.

Upturned – the opposite to downturned eyes and like almond eyes (see further down), but rather than having slightly upturned corners, they have more obvious angles. The effect with this eye shape is your lower eyelid looks much bigger than your upper eyelid.

Round – Take a look at your eyes in a mirror. If you’re able to see your iris in its entirety without any of the upper eyelid covering it, then you have round eyes!

Almond – Unsurprisingly, if your eyes are oval shaped and have outer corners that are slightly upturned, they will look like almonds. Almond eyes are considered a standard that are incredibly symmetrical and look great with just about any style of makeup.

So, now you know your almonds from your upturned and your downturned from your round, it’s time to look at the best makeup techniques for your own eye shape.

Best Eye Shape Eye Shadow Technique

Hooded - There’s no reason certain eye makeup looks you like are out of the question because of your eye shape. You just must think outside the box a little. One great way to give the impression you have bigger eyelids is by keeping your eyebrows maintained well and applying eye shadow from the upper eyelid to your brow bone.

Monolid - An awesome way to give eyes extra dimension is using a gradient effect on the lids. Start with darker eye shadow colours close to the lash line and gradually moving upwards, changing to a more shimmery colour just below the brow. Remember, though, to blend between transitions from one colour to another.

Downturned - there’s two main things you need to remember. Avoid blending shadow too high above creases as it will look messy with the shape of your eyes. Also, the most effective way to give downturned eyes a bit of perking up is by using shadow in natural colour tones that open and brighten them up.

Upturned - Use darker eye shadow to complement upturned eyes by applying it around the lower lash line outer corner. You can then use a medium-toned eye shadow directly on your lid. Avoid being too heavy with this technique as you are looking to achieve the same look caused when light bounces naturally off your skin.

Round - One of the best ways to work with round eyes and get the best out of them is by contouring them. This simply involves using a medium or dark shade and apply it over the centre of your eyelid, then highlighting the outer and inner corners with something lighter, drawing attention directly to centre of your eyes.

Almond - Almond eyes are by far the best eye shape to work with. All styles and shades work. If stuck for inspiration, try the traditional smoky nude eye with a medium-matte shadow in brown on the lid with a darker shadow in the crease.

Best Eye Shape Eyeliner Technique

Hooded - Hooded eyes, admittedly, are tricky to work with, because the upper eyelid droops down over the crease. Keep your eyes open while you work to avoid transfers or smudges. Especially when achieving a gorgeous and striking wing. For a simplistic approach, just trace liner along the bottom lash line from the middle to give definition to the upside.

Monolid - The best way to deal with monolid eyes is by applying liner as close as you can to the lash line, to give definition while giving the lashes a bigger look.

Downturned - For the sexy lifted look, use a 45-degreee flick along the end of the lash line. Want something more subtle than smouldering cat eye? Use your smudge brush to blend out just a fine line to give your lower and upper lash lines sophisticated definition.

Upturned - Eyeliner is best used to exaggerate the size of the upper lid on upturned eyes. You can do this by either using a smudged look to lengthen out the upper eyelids or a nude-toned liner on the inner corners and lash line for the impression you’ve got bright and big eyes.

Round - Really want to make those sexy round eyes of yours pop? Emphasise the outer corners using a winged eyeliner working past the eyelids. The best way to achieve this is by starting at the highest point and working outwards, as this will balance the roundedness of your eyes.

Almond - So, the world’s your oyster when you’ve got almond eyes. What a sexy little thing you are. However, to really emphasise and make the shape stand out, why not opt specifically for the wingtip or cay eye look? Use thinner lines on the inner corners and thicken it out as you reach the outer corner.

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