Why should you take Flawless Online Advanced Volume Lash Training?

We know there’s often a debate between lash artists about how effective eyelash training is when taken online. The most common issues we hear are: 

‘I can’t ask questions’

‘But I won’t be able to see in person with my own eyes?’

‘I don’t know what to look for in an online lash course!’


With Flawless Online Advanced Volume Lash Training, all those issues can be put to bed & we’re here to let you know why online training could actually be MORE beneficial for you.

We’re here to support you

At in-person eyelash extension training you’ll find you’re given the opportunity to ask questions throughout the process and we understand that could be a concern when it comes to online training. We feel our online eyelash course goes into great depth but we know there’s times when you just can’t get your head around a particular technique & it helps you to have someone give a new perspective or explanation. We offer support from highly-skilled Flawless Lashes By Loreta trainers and the team at HQ, all you have to do is get in touch! We're just at the other end of the phone or email. 

From years of teaching at our in-house lash academy, we know that speaking up during a course can be daunting for some students. The pressure of feeling embarrassed in front of the trainers or peers can mean important questions are left unanswered, where as popping over an email is quick and confidential.

We’ve even found in some cases, the presence of a trainer can feel like too much pressure for nervous students and when it comes to the practical segment of the course, this can be reflected in the work produced. Shaking is a natural instinct when we’re feeling nervous and shaky hands make for a difficult job while applying eyelash extensions. With an online course, this won’t be an issue! You can take your time, go at your own pace and produce the best work you can.

The after benefits offered can make a significant difference to which course you pick. You want to make sure you’re taken care of once your course has completed. We offer lifetime course access, a mini volume lash kit, a certificate of completion and 15% life-long Flawless student discount!

High Quality Video

One of the key factors to consider when searching for an online lash course, is the way it has been filmed. 

Has it been taken on a phone? Stay away!

Is there no sound or voice explaining what’s happening? Steer clear!

When the quality of the video is high, we believe you can actually see MORE than you would at academy trainings. You won’t be straining to look over someone’s shoulder or in need to a magnifying glass to get up close and personal. When watching a pre-recorded video is 4K quality at all the important angles, you’ll be viewing more than you could with your own eyes in person.

A great voice over is essential to any online eyelash extension training course. We’ve heard tales from lash technicians of lash training courses they’ve taken online where is was simply silent video showing what’s happen, with no explanation of how to execute for yourself or even why we do it in this way. These are vital parts of learning, so don’t be afraid to do your research or ask these questions when looking into what online course to take next. 

We recorded the voice over for our Online Advanced Volume Lash Training with professional quality equipment to make sure you can hear all the information you need. Lash master Loreta herself, recorded step by step as each lash application process took place, so you know you’re getting the best instructions possible from the training, as if you were taking on 1:1 lesson with her.

Play it on repeat

We always recommend checking if your course offers lifetime access. We think it’s very important to be able to go back to watch over and over again until it’s really stuck in your head. When taking trainings in person, if you haven’t filmed or taken notes during a particular segment that you may struggle with later, there may be no going back. The eyelash manual you’re provided with is there to guide you but if there is particular technique not covered within your memory might fail you. So having the ability to go back and rewatch or pause parts you find difficult to take in all the detail can greatly help progress learning.

Our online lash course is extensive and with all the detail you would need to level up your volume lash extensions. We cover A-Z from how to hold the eyelash tweezers, so going back over each section more than once will even help you notice key information or tricks you may not have noticed the first time viewing.

With lifetime access everything is at the speed you want it to be. You could go over how to make the perfect volume fan 100 times if it means you’ll create the best results possible, it’s completely in your hands.



So let’s recap everything you should look out for or ask when looking to book your next online lash training. It’s important to remember what you’ll need from it, especially if this is your first time trying an online course.

  • Are you able to speak to a trainer or are you expected to simply watch the video?
  • Will you get lifetime access to the course with the ability to go back and rewatch each step or is it for a limited time only?
  • How many modules are there? Do they cover every topic you’re looking for?
  • What camera equipment have they used?
  • Will you receive a written step by step manual?
  • Do i receive any benefits after the course?


We hope you have learnt more about online courses and now feel more prepared to explore the world of online lash learning. 

You can learn more about our newly launched Online Advanced Volume Lash Training here:

We look forward to seeing you in next week’s Flawless Weekend Edition…

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