Work smarter, make your life easier for yourself

August 31, 2017 1 Comment

Work smarter, make your life easier for yourself

Being a Lash Artist is a passion, a talent, it is real art. Each set of lashes you create is like a new baby you proudly give birth to involving the pain as well. Pain in your back, wrists, eyes... but you get so much rewards when you see your finished work! Those fluffy lashes, the smile on the client's face, it all so worth it, doesn't it?

But let's not forget, Lash Artist is, after all, a job. Each client is bringing money that pays the rent and bills at the end of the day (and that new pair of shoes on sale that was such a great offer you couldn't resist!). So why not make your life easier for yourself. These four advice only need a bit of planing and will really make a difference for you and your clients.

Know your clients

Ask the client what they are after, what look, what style...remember to make notes of the lashes you have used, which length, keep a record of the mapping you have done and also after treatment comments (you can use our Client Intake & Consent Form for this). 

When the client books their infills, you can prepare their lashes in advance. If you have a record of all your clients, you can even prepare your full day before it even starts and save you stress and time between clients. You know roughly how much lashes you will need therefore you can cut the strip to the right length and place it on a palette. Using a Lash Palette Organiser can even help you keep the clients lashes on individual palettes in a chronological order!

lash palette organiser

Make your workstation as comfortable as possible

I don't know about you, but I would hate having to do lashes all day kneeling in a tent, in the middle of the desert with my clients laying on a blowup mattress. There, I said it, that is my worst nightmare! Alright, it's never been this bad, luckily, but I quickly found that some adjustments to my workstation made my life and health better. For example, I invested in a Memory Foam Pillow. The cost scared me at first but since I have decided to buy it, I never looked back. It improved my posture by positioning the customer at the right angle, it also has enough space for my lash palette making the movements from the palette to the eye much smoother and quicker.

I found that using a good fluffy headband helps too. This gives me a safe space to place my wrists without invading the client's space when leaning over with tweezers. Some of my clients said that they felt like in a cocoon, so relaxed! Bonus!

Build up your confidence

When you start lashing, everything is a bit daunting from making the right choice of lashes and adhesive to the handling of the client. One of my pet hate was applying eye pads! As soon as the eyes were cleaned, I was starting to get cold sweat and keeping my hand steady was so difficult, each time I felt like Tom Cruise trying to avoid the laser grid while dangling from a string in Mission Impossible. Except my mission, should I decide to accept it, was to tape down those lashes and avoid the water line without having a single drop of sweat falling on my lovely client.

This was taking me ages and I have wasted so many misplaced eye pads. Until I have tried the 3D Bio Gel Eye pads and now the new Hydrogel Eye Pads. Those eye pads are little life savers, they are so slimy, they can be placed and replaced until the position is right. Since I have discovered them, I feel less pressure into getting it right the first time and strangely enough, I get it right the first time more often, eh eh!

Educate your clients

Us, Lash Artists, we live lash extensions, we breath lash extensions, we dream lash extensions...our full life is about the lash extensions! So sometimes it's easy to forget that not everyone is the same. What can seem obvious to us might actually be completely new to our clients. Placing those little miracles on the client's eye is our job, looking after the lashes after treatment is their job and most of the time, they don't know what to do (have you had that one client that comes back after one month with barely any lashes left but ask for a refill? Or that one who never washed their lashes and complain that they get itchy? Yuk!). 

Always put yourself in your client's shoes, never assume that they know. This will save you so much trouble after the treatment! I know, it's a lot of repeating: don't use mascara, don't use any oily products, brush the lashes few times a day, don't pull the lashes...yawn, yawn, yawn ... but it is so important so why not make your life easier and get Aftercare Cards with the instructions? Clients wont have any more excuse and you will save yourself some time and hassle. 


Improve your work routine by adjusting your surroundings and approach to work. Using the right tools will save you time, money and stress. This requires a bit of monetary investment and personal investment and will make you a better Lash Artist, your client will feel it too!

As Daft Punk rightly said "Work it harder, Make it better, Do it faster, Makes us stronger". Food for thoughts.

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Chloe Ithell
Chloe Ithell

September 03, 2018

Love to read more blogs.. I’m forever researching and looking st new ways so would love to see more and hear more of your years of knowledge

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