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Does your client have sensitivity to black eyelash glue/adhesive?

Luminous Clear glue adhesive is an important alternative for clients who react to or have sensitivities to black eyelash glues/adhesives. Clients may have allergies or irritations to black carbon. 

Luminous Clear eyelash Glue is not recommended for clients with sensitivity to cyanoacrylate. 

IMPORTANT: Luminous lash glue shelf life from manufacturing date and unopened- 3months. Opened- 1 month. 

Key info:

Lash artist experience


Drying time



Extremely strong

Room humidity


Room temperature









Sealed foil pouch

Main ingredient


    Click here to Download MSDS

    How To Use?

    Luminous clear adhesive is best solution when you work with colour lashes. Adjust the amount of adhesive in relation to the humidity of your room as it changes during the day. If the humidity is below recommended, use only a tiny amount of adhesive. If it is higher, then use slightly more adhesive.

    Before applying eyelash extension, always cleanse natural eyelashes fully. Use saline solution or pre treatment for oily eyelashes. Instant Cure is the perfect partner for eyelash extension treatments, increasing retention by up to 30%, and minimising eyelash allergies and sensitivities.

    Storage: If you don’t store your eyelash adhesive bottle correctly, this may change or affect the performance and retention. We advise that you always store your adhesives at a cool room temperature (19 degrees), and upright in a lash glue container. Never refrigerate your eyelash glue bottle, as the temperature difference can cause condensation inside the bottle.

    When doing Russian volume eyelash extensions, you will need to be aware of the amount of glue that you pick up, in relation to the thickness of the lashes. To prevent your volume fans closing, eyelash diameter plays a very big role. If you are using thicker eyelash extensions (0.06- 0.07), you need to pick up slightly more lash glue adhesive. If you are using 0.05 eyelashes and thinner, you will need to pick up less lash glue. If you are still having problems with your volume fans closing, we would recommend Flawless volumizer.

    Key Info:

    • Our adhesives are compliant with EU regulations.
    • Luminous eyelash adhesive is not recommended for clients with sensitivity to cyanoacrylate. 
    • Our eyelash adhesives are for professional use only




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