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Our revolutionary new Pulse lash glue works quickly in any humidity - whether is low or high. This lash adhesive not only saves you the need to purchase multiple adhesives to suit different humidities - but saves you from having to replace your glue drop so frequently, too! This means you can style more clients with the amount of one bottle. 

Even in 60% humidity conditions, a drop of glue stays fresh for almost 2 hours when used with our Disposable Lash Glue Palette

This product is ideal for you if:

  • You are a professional and experienced lash artist who works quickly
  • Your room humidity can vary
  • You need a quick-drying glue
  • You need a glue for both classic and volume lashes (use slightly more glue for premade fans vs hand-made volume fans)

Key info:

Lash artist experience

All Levels

Drying time



Very strong

Room humidity


Room temperature









Sealed foil pouch 

Main ingredient


 Click here to Download MSDS

How to store

Remember: performance and retention can be negatively affected if you don’t store your eyelash adhesive bottle correctly. 

  • Once opened, store in a cool, dry room (19 degrees is ideal)
  • Never refrigerate as condensation can form inside the bottle
  • Keep glue bottle tightly closed and in an upright position
  • Wipe nozzle after each use with a lint-free wipe
  • Store in original foil pouch or in an airtight lash glue container
  • Shelf life is 4 weeks from opening the bottle
  • Dispose bottle of adhesive after 4 weeks after opening (based on styling 4-6 clients per day)
  • Unopened adhesive can be kept for 3 months from the manufactured date


This product is made in the EU and meets all safety regulations. Pulse Lash Extension Glue may be a good help for clients who have previously had reactions to lash adhesives (i.e for clients who have sensitivities). However, every client is different and so it can’t be guaranteed that customers won't react.

Shelf Life – 3 months after Manufacturing Date.

After Opening - 1 month.

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